Business Case Statement

Individual Assignment

50 Points


Business Case Statement


The business case statement is a description and validation of the project based on the data gathered to this point. The main parts of the statement include the purpose of the project, a definition of the business (organization or client), a SWOT analysis or the identification of problems and/or opportunities facing your client, and an explanation of how this project will benefit the client.  A brief indication of the new skills and knowledge that each student consultant is gaining is required.

This is an individual assignment. The length is in the four to five page range (single spaced). Parts of this business case statement (business history and definition and SWOT) can be used later for the final report.

Prior to submitting this to faculty for grading, the business case statement must be forwarded to advisors and/or mentors for their review and feedback. Do not submit a first draft. Mentors have little patience for incoherent description, poor organization, grammatical errors and typos.

 Statement Elements    

Include here an indication of the problems that must be solved or deliverables provided such as a market and feasibility analysis or plans for increasing productivity or improving operations in the business. Describe the factors that contributed to this problem or opportunity. Articulate in as much detail as possible exactly what will be provided to the client. Individual articulation of purpose ensures that all team members have a clear direction in which to move forward. This section will be used in your final report.

Business Definition (What kind of business is your client in?)    
Define or describe the type of business your client is in. Give the history of the business and its owner. Describe where the business is located and its employees and their functions. Indicate the main goods and services produced or provided by the firm or organization (customer value proposition being delivered), the market(s) or customer groups that are served and any particular technology being used or unique characteristics that may be identified. Articulate the business model.

SWOT Analysis
Accurately classify the problems, opportunities, challenges or other circumstances facing your client with a SWOT analysis. Include a detailed description of each.

Secondary Research Summary (Your individual contribution)
At this point, you should have completed a substantial portion of your secondary research for the project. Summarize the findings that you were personally responsible for and provide the sources for all your research. Where does your secondary research point to? 

Value-Added Benefits to the Client
How will the deliverables help the client? What measurable results do you think you will be able to deliver to the client? How will the value-added be measured? 

Value-Added Benefits to You
What skills and knowledge will you gain from working on this project?  Give a detailed description of what you hope to gain.  


As with all your written assignments, you will be assessed for the evidence sequence, organization, diction/style and mechanics. The voice of the paper must be that of a professional business consultant.