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Aristotle.  "Categories":

Aristotle.  "Posterior Analytics":

Aristotle, "The Nichomachean Ethics":

Blethen, Frank. “Saving our Democracy from the Rapacious Capitalists”: blethen1.htm

Blethen, Frank. "The American Crisis - Democracy at Risk": blethen2.htm

Boghossian, Paul. "What the Sokal Hoax Ought to Teach us":

Bird, Alexander.  SEP entry on Thomas Kuhn:

Cornfield, Jill.  "Have a Nice Trip":  Brain,Child - The Magazine for Thinking Mothers

Darwin, Charles.  The Origin of Species:

Darwin's Theory of Evolution by Natural Selection.  A Primer courtesy of the University of Michigan:

Descartes, Renee.  "Meditations":

Descartes, Renee.  "Rules for the direction of the Mind":

Einstein, Albert. "Relativity, the Special and General Theory":

GNU manifesto:

Gould, Steven J., "Evolution as Fact and Theory":

Hardcastle, Gary. "Themes in Contemporary Analytic Philosophy as Reflected in the Work of Monty Python::

Hardin, Garrett. "The Tragedy of the Commons":

Holt, Jim.  "Say Anything":

Hooker, Richard.  "The Scientific Revolution":

The Jibsheet.  Evolution vs, Intelligent design:

Kant, Immanuel. "Groundwork for the Metaphysics of Morals":

Kant, Immanuel. "Perpetual Peace":

King, Martin Luther. "Letter from the Birmingham Jail":

King, Martin Luther. "The Meaning of Non-violence":

King, Martin Luther "Beyond Vietnam":

Thomas Kuhn:  Stanford Encyclopedia Article by Alexander Bird:

Lao-Tzu:  "Tao-te Ching":

Locke, John. "Second Treatise on Government":

Mill, John Stuart. "Utilitarianism":

Mill, John Stuart. "On Liberty":

Nozick: The Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy article on Robert Nozick:,%20Individual%20Rights,%20and%20the%20Minimal%20State

Paine, Thomas, "Common Sense":

Payne, W. Russ, Assorted editorials and missives:  editorials_etc.htm

Payne, W. Russ, "What a Law of Nature is": of Nature.htm

Payne, W. Russ, "Diversity and the Socratic Method":

Payne, W. Russ, "Future Generations and the Good Life": future_generations_and_the_good.htm

Pierce, Charles Sanders, "The Fixation of Belief":

Popper, Karl.  SEP entry by Stephen Thornton:

Popper, Karl. "Science as Falsification":

Plato,  "Euthyphro":

Plato, "Socrates' Apology":

Plato, "Crito":

Russell, Bertrand. "In Praise of Idleness":

Russell, Bertrand.  Assorted readings:

Schumaker, E.F., "Buddhist Economics":

Smith, Adam, "The Wealth of Nations":  Smith: Wealth of Nations: Library of Economics and Liberty

Sokal, Alan. Links to reading on the Sokal hoax:

Storey, Mark. Critical Thinking Text

Thoreau, Henry David. "Civil Disobedience":

Thoreau, Assorted works from "The Thoreau Reader":

Twain, Mark.  "The War Prayer":

Wise, Tim.  “The Mother of all Racial Preferences”:

Young, Robert.  SEP entry on voluntary euthanasia: