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Woody West

Arts and Humanities Department
Bellevue Community College

Office and Mail Stop: A-255
Office Hours: Varies by quarter; please call
Telephone: 425-649-3161
E-Mail: wwest@bcc.ctc.edu

I Teach . . .

In addition . . .
I am the faculty adviser to the Bellevue Community College literary magazine, Arnazella.

My Philosophy of Teaching is always developing, but I share some of the aims of Alfred North Whitehead:

The students are alive, and the purpose of education is to stimulate and guide their self-development. It follows as a corollary from this premise, that teachers also should be alive with living thoughts . . . The Aims of Education

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My Teaching Philosophy
Professional Stuff
A Sample Syllabus
Personal (but not too personal) Stuff

Ice Cream in America

All of us getting our licks
and then some: the proud with the small,
those who fell off the canvas
and reappeared downstream.

. . . always forgets her pills, reverses herself, takes some.
The hen thinks chicks,
the man in the moon, profile: a piece
of the undoctored action.

We wake up, admire the day,
let our shoes take us where they will.
The weather's glorious:
a real shine.

Fill your cap with nuts.

. . . John Ashbery

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